Workshops and Masterclasses

In collaboration with MUE, Catnip will organize workshops and masterclasses from their studio in WARP Technopolis. 

The workshops and masterclasses will take space in the famous SPACEBAR. 

We will host workshops such as: 
How to build a drone in under 1 hour, how to create your own synthesizer (soldering workshop), how to animate, how to create a 3D animation (and build a hologram), and how to deal with the fear of failure.

The Masterclasses & Workshops will be either live-streamed or recorded through Studio Catnip’s equipment.

The Build your own Synthesizer by Error Instruments organized by GeluidsDrug Twente was a great succes

After learning how to build the equipment we hosted a jam session together with many others, to enjoy the finished products to the max!


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