Spacecast is an interactive show from the SPACEBAR in Enschede that is streamed live on various social media channels, and in an online visitable 3D world. 

Spacecast offers a stage to young creative talent from Twente. With a surprising and innovative program, Spacecast offers viewers an insight into the underground scene of creative people in Enschede. Young artists and musicians are actively encouraged to present their work to a larger and interested audience. During the Spacecast broadcast there is the possibility to do this in a professional way in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Connection between young creatives and a wide audience

At the Spacecast, we actually let people talk about projects that are not part of everyday art or music. Experimental video art or experimental noise music, which is less common and accessible, is exactly what we think is cool to have on our show. Spacecast is also innovative and pioneering and contributes to the representation of the underground culture in Twente. Through interviews Spacecast inspires the viewers to get to know and understand the artists and musicians better. In this way Spacecast creates a connection between the young creatives from the underground culture and a broad audience.

The last edition of Spacecast 2021, the Final Frontier, took place in the biggest theaterhall of Twente: The Payzaal of the Wilminktheater.

Keeping Talent in Twente

Who know more about the question: Why do young people leave Twente? Or in a more positive not: How do we keep talent in Twente?…
Young people! That’s right, our community. 

Retaining talent in Enschede
Keeping talent in Enschede is an important point that the Spacecast pays attention to and want to contribute to. The live show is interactive for both the physical attendees and the people online; we make sure everyone feels involved in the show through various creative concepts. 

That’s exactly what young people need. Feeling like they are being appreciated, taken care of by the city Enschede. Spacecast makes sure everyone can find a way to get connect to a new community, to get to know what happens in Enschede and the region, and feel like they are a valuable part of that. 

Spacecast involves, values, and connects people.