Open Decks is entirely committed to strengthening the electronic music/DJ community and connecting young talent.

Open Decks offers the space for all DJs and interested people to freely use our space and equipment and participate in workshops, masterclasses, meetups and DJ classes.

Experimentation, expanding your network, strengthening knowledge and experience, and personal growth is paramount.

By taking part in Open Decks, it will also be much easier for starting DJs to connect with a like-minded community and find a stage to perform on. Considering this is very difficult in a city like Enschede, having the opportunity to make a headstart, is a great plus of the initiative. 

Research by Catnip Foundation, with its strong connection within the world of young talents in Enschede and experience thanks to the Spacecast live show, shows that there is a great demand for space for experimentation and network strengthening among large groups of young people involved in electronic music. They benefit from a platform where space, professional equipment, and possible guidance are facilitated.

Studio Catnip will be built in the main entrance of WARP. A door in the left wall will connect the live streaming studio to the stage of the SPACEBAR. 

Studio Catnip will be an interesting sight for everyone who passes by Stationsplein on their way to the inner city or trainstation.

Studio Catnip is party inspired by the work of artist Tom Sachs. Kees de Groot, as an artist, will design the outer exterior of the space.

Studio Catnip will always Livestream or record the events. This is part of being resilient and agile, even during pandemics and worldwars. So that everyone can take part no matter the situation.