WARP Jam showcases what the city has to offer!

The WARP Jam is an annual event that calls on every creative person in the region to express their creativity and show that enormous and diverse talent is hiding in the city. WARP Jam introduces the average Enschedean to the importance of hotbeds, expression, and personal creative development.

For who?

Studio Catnip is an umbrella initiative from the Catnip Foundation which creates the space for multiple projects to come to life through new collaborations, including with Meet-Up Enschede and ArtEZ Conservatory.

The Catnip Foundation offers space in the Catnip Studio for its ever growing diverse and international community of young creative people from Twente.

Ilja and Bas working hard on their interactive audio-visual installation
The design we have created for the very first WARP JAM. The graphic reflects the theme which was: Creative Collision
The kinky photoshoot organized under the theme Creative Collision 2021. Where random people got together in Sickhouse and crashed/collided the Cinema Obscura for a kinky photoshoot

The concept

The concept of the WARP Jam works as follows. On Friday evening 20:00 all particpants both physically and digitally come together at the kick-off of the Jam. Here the year theme is revealed, which the participants have to take with them in their work. The Year Theme will always be directly related to creativity and refer to the importance of incubators and affordable creative workplaces. Learning new things, meeting new people, making new friends, and personal expression and reflection are paramount. 

WARP JAM: Materialized Perception by Annebel Bunt & Gael tells you more about WARP Jam and what it means to its participants. 

About being the fascilitator

Participants are offered free workspaces and may use all facilities that Catnip Foundation, in collaboration with PLANETART Foundation, have to offer.

The workspace is selected based on the initial conceptual ideas that participants have to offer. For example, media artists may work in the 360 beamer space, and musicians in spaces in the basement where they create little nuisance.

Participants may borrow beamers, computers and audio cables, among other things, and use the necessary facilities such as the magentron for their dinner, or the refrigerator, so that they can continue working for 48 hours. 

Live Radio

During the biggest edition and also the first edition of WARP Jam, which took place during the Corona lockdown, Radio Tijden van Nood also participated in the jam. Radio Tijden van Nood originated during the Corona period and was organized by Arris Roordink and Jasper Schutz, among others. They offered a 24 hour non-stop radio show with talks, live from the SPACEBAR, so all participants could work while enjoying different styles of music.